Jaula de chicharras (score to get inside)osm86#5

Subtitle:Tribute to Juan Hidalgo
Series:Espirales y laberintos · osm86#
Dedicated to:CoroDelantal (Madrid)
Written in:Madrid, 2016'XI

Jaula de chicharras is a tribute to Juan Hidalgo, with his colorful threads and his jingle bells. The piece is a score to ge inside of, and it’s dedicated to CoroDelantal, that premiered it in 2017. Here you have some videos of experiments with the score, rehearsing in our headquarters in La Navata, and in one of our concerts in Función Lenguaje hall (Madrid):


Building the score with CoroDelantal at the Cultural Association Gruñidos Salvajes (Madrid), in 2016 endings:


Re-building the score with Ana López and Mercedes López, in Almansa (August 2020):

Some pictures of the piece while the VIII Mono+Graphic:
(Pictures: Ela Rabasco, Ela R que R)