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MADRID: VIII Mono+Graphic

2019 April 10 - 2019 May 10


2019 April 10
2019 May 10
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Auditorio del Conde Duque
Calle Conde Duque, 9
Madrid, Madrid 28015 Spain
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917 22 05 73
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Music is the most democratic art, it does not understand about ages or knowledge, it simply goes through corporalities: it is able of playing unsuspected and precipitating keys to joy or collapse in just a few seconds. Sounds directly connect with the emotions and are translated into the gesture, the dance, the externalization of a feeling. They bring forth the numb within, the intimacies and the demons. The best expressionist painting could not remove so much, so intense.

In Sonia Megías’ universe, any situation or evolution is capable of becoming music, rather, everything is music, you just have to uncript the sounds that make it up and find the best way to transmit them. Communication is the main issue. The artist is interested in the fact that non-professional performers understand her scores without knowing how to read the usual ones. To this end, she researched into notations (musical and non-musical) from different cultures and moments in history, asking herself how they did it in ancient times and how can music be brought closer to the greatest number of people. The main key is the transformation of a written and technical language into a visual one that manages to attract the viewer and involve him/her in the piece’s creation.

Megías’ scores jump to the fine arts level to make sounds visible and their performances manageable. They can’t only be read, but also seen and even touch. Its structure has been plastically materialized and invites the audience to be part of it and experience it.

Nerea Ubieto, curator.

The giant score of the courtyard was created in collaboration with the American Space Madrid, and some of the pieces exposed were performed at the concert-performance.


Giant score (800 squared meters):

Exhibition in the inner space (pictures by Ela R que R):



CONCERT PROGRAM (with links to the videos):

Tempsiabo · osm44 (2006) for solo soprano and SABr mixed chorus:
Ruth González, soprano
Coro de Jóvenes de Madrid + CoroDelantal, choruses
Juan Pablo de Juan, conductor

BlinDate · osm82v1 (2019) for three tres bandurrias and dance
PlecTres: Marta Escudero Valero, bandurria soprano
Rafael Tarjuelo Montero, tenor bandurria
Rubén Garcia Casarrubios, bass bandurria
Psico Ballet Maite León dance company

EAUO · osm95#4 (2015) for vocal duet
Dúa de Pel: Eva Guillamón and Sonia Megías

Soy · osm95#12v1 (2018) for vocal duet, bandurria trio and percussion
Dúa de Pel, voices
PlecTres, bandurrias
Fani Fortet, percussion

Grafía Cantada · osm89#4 (2016) video-score for group of performers
co-created with Pepe Gimeno
CoroDelantal, chorus
Sonia Megías, conductor

Rosa en Alejandría · osm102#v1 (2019) for piano, flamenco singer and women chorus SMA
Rocío Márquez, lyrics
Rosa Torres-Pardo, piano
La Jose, singer
Fani Fortet, percussion
Proyecto Compositoras, chorus
Patricia Kleinman, conductor

Unamos nuestras voces · osm105#1 (2018) for SATB mixed chorus || Link to the BIS
Eva Guillamón, lyrics
Coro de Jóvenes de Madrid
Juan Pablo de Juan, conductor


Choral workshop: