Coro Entredós / Coro Malvaloca

The Entredós Women’s Choir of Madrid was born in 2005 at the Entredós Foundation, with a very feminist and very political ideology. In 2017 it changed its name and left the foundation, becoming Coro Malvaloca and moving towards ecofeminism. It was founded and conducted by Catalina Rivada and since 2015 it has been conducted by Guayarmina Calvo.

I belonged to this choir from 2007 to 2017. During those years I sang as an alto, played the piano, worked as an arranger and sometimes co-conductor. I made many arrangements and one piece. I still write arrangements for them today.

The piece was Retórtolis (2009), written during my artistic grant at Casa de Velázquez (Accademy of France in Madrid) and premiered at the French Institute, dressed like pigeons and with hard bread onstage:

The arrangements are the following, with some links to videos:

  • Alfonsina y el mar (2007) by Ariel Ramírez and Felix Luna
  • Contramano (2007) popular, with feminist lyrics by the chorus
  • Ei mi malhuen (2007) popular Mapuchian (Argentina), piano arrangement
  • María (2007) de Chico Buarque, arreglo de piano
  • Negra sombra (2007) by Rosalía de Castro and J. Montes (Galicia)
  • Tú, que cantas (2008) popular from Algeria
  • Como la cigarra (2008) by María Elena Walsh (Argentina)
  • Somagwaza (2009) popular from Sudáfrica
  • Deusa antiga (2009) popular from Galicia
  • La mujer que mueve el mundo (2009) by Soledad Jiménez
  • Canzonetta villereccia (2009) popular from Sicily
  • Yo vengo a ofrecer mi corazón (2010) by Fito Páez (Argentina)
  • De muy buen ver (2010) rap by Carmen París
  • Lela (2011) popular from Galicia
  • Latinoamérica (2013) by Calle 13 (Puerto Rico)
  • Devojko mari hubava (2013) popular from Bulgary
  • Adiemus (2014) by Karl Jenkins (Wales)
  • Me subo al tren de la libertad (2014) by Arita Mitteenn (Perú)
  • Zutik emakumeak (2014) popular from Basque Country
  • Son âme rouge (2014) by Inma Claudio (Madrid)
  • Dancing Queen (2015) by ABBA (Sweden)
  • Bella ciao (2015) by le mondine (Italy)
  • Me mueve el aire (2016) by Las migas (Catalonia)
  • Las presas de Ventas (2016) popurrí of popular chotis (Madrid)
  • O que é, o que é (2017) by Gonzaghinha (Brasil)
  • Doctrina del shock (2017) by Ana Tijoux (Chile)
  • Grândola (2017) popular from Portugal
  • Por qué cantamos (2017) by Benedetti and Favero (Argentina)
  • Canción del GAM (2020) by Guy Debord
  • Jornadas de mayo (2020) by Guy Debord
  • Canción de Araceli (2020) by Guy Debord
  • Canción para GB, JH y MN (2020) by Guy Debord
  • Todo el poder a las asambleas (2020) by Guy Debord
  • Keep you head up, sister (2020) by O, sister (Madrid)