Instrumentation:coro experimental del CA2M curso 2017-2018

U N   C O R O   A M A T E U R

Un coro amateur (An amateur chorus) is a creation
project in which any kind of voice is welcome
to experience what happens when you tune up or go out of tune, when you feel
how the walls vibrate when doing so, when listening in the street
as we walk, and then write down what we have heard
to make scores, by counting infinite numbers at a time,
with different rhythms, when reciting a poem, when singing with
the strange voices that don’t match the bodies because they are
too serious or too much and thus be able to multiply
the possibilities of choral work from the emotion that
means doing it with a lot of people.

To carry out this project
we will invite artists, musicians and poets to perform
creative workshops with the choir around working with the

The choir was activated and directed by Sonia Megías during the whole academic year 2017-2018
Open to any interested person


In the following link you can watch the end-of-the-year festival: