Series:Espirales y laberintos, osm89
Commissioned by:Ensemble Neo Ars Sonora (Granada) through the funding given by the National Center of Music (CNDM)
Dedicated to:Ensemble Neo Ars Sonora (Granada), performers at the premiere
Instrumentation:video + 3 ropes + flute + clarinet + horn + violin + cello + drumset + piano
Duration:7 min. 30 seg.
Written in:Madrid, 2015’XII

Idea, direction and music: Sonia Megías
Animation: Carlos Cueto

Commissioned by Ensemble Neo Ars Sonora (Granada) trough Government Funding
in Madrid, 2015’XII
: video + 3 ropes + flute + clarinet + French horn + violin + violoncello + drum kit + piano
Nº de catálogo: osm86#3, from series ‘Espirales y laberintos’ · osm86

Vídeo of the premiere (without the ropes and choreography) by ensemble NeoArs Sonora, at Auditorium 400 from the National Museum Art Center Queen Sofía:

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