Subtitle:Tribute to the dead women at the Triangle factory fire (New York, March 25th 1911)
Request of:NYU Music Composition Department. Julia Wolfe, chair
Dedicated to:to the dead women at the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire on March 25th 1911, at the centenary of the tragedy
Text by:Trini Díaz: Monologue 'Las larvas del silencio'. Translated and adaptated to English and Sicilian by Laura Zogaros, Emanuela Lombardo and Sonia Megías.
Instrumentation:3 female singers
Duration:8 min.
Written in:New York, 2011'II


Rehearsals at Kathy Bruce’s, scenographer/costume maker:


Premiere at the Cervantes Institute of New York’s auditorium, with a conversation with the artists after the performance:

Other performances:

‘Triangle’ at the NYU Black Box Theater. New York, April 24th 2011.


‘Triangle’ at the  II MONO+GRAPHIC. Experimental Intermedia Foundation, New York. April 11th 2012. With Catherine Provenzano as singer 1.


Sheetmusic exhibition at the Cervantes Institute of New York’s gallery during the III MONO+GRAPHIC. April 19-25th 2012.