Shelley I (graphic)osm35#1

Title:Shelley I
Series:Shelley · osm35#
Dedicated to:José Andrés Pérez
Instrumentation:solo clarinet
Duration:5 min.
Written in:Murcia, 2004'XII

Notes on the piece:

Shelley I, for solo clarinet, is written in Murcia in 2004, dedicated to clarinet player José Andrés Pérez Castelló. The piece was born from musical experiments and sound games that both musicians made in common during several days, searching for new repertoire for clarinet.

The idea is evocating Frankenstein creature through timbric games: walking, falling, mechanism failures, feelings or sleeping. The process was very funny and interesting.

Clarinet player Maggie Greenwood included the piece in the database ‘Clarinet Repertoire’ at the University of Colorado (USA).

Score details:

You can purchase the score @ EdicionesDelantal.

Raccomandations by Marta Sancho:

Audio and picture of the premiere, in 2005. With José Andrés Pérez Castelló:



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