Puerta colgada del vacíoosm66#

Commissioned by:Teo Millán
Text by:Teo millán / playwright by Vanessa Montfort
Instrumentation:actress, bass, clarinet, percussion
Duration:40 min.
Written in:Madrid, 2010'VI

26 june 2010 – CSA Tabacalera (Madrid)
Texts by Teo Millán
Playwright by Vanessa Montfort
Scenography by Antonio Muñoz
Staging by Cris Otero
Music and music direction by Sonia Megías

40-minute mini-opera commissioned by Teo Millán, started during my grant at Casa de Velázquez (Academy of France in Madrid) in February 2009. For the dramaturgy I counted on Vanessa Montfort, as a singer came David Sánchez, Raquel Mollá played the clarinet and the potter’s wheel, Manuel Alcaraz the percussions (stones, cubes, zippers) and as an actress we had María Morales. The stage direction was done by Cris Otero a year later for the staging in Tabacalera, as well as the scenery, which was done by Antonio Muñoz.

The score has mazes, soap bubbles, stage directions and some staves.



Details from the score: