Perpetuum Mobile



Perpetuum mobile is a trilogy of musical promenades based on three of the paintings of the project Sonic Paintings, with a common thread that is the consciousness of movement, that everything is in continuous advance, in continuous cycle: statism, accumulation, attachment, are fictions from the mind.

The three routes arise from the proposed paintings, but they involve other works from the permanent collection that I have selected with the advice of the EducaThyssen department, which have taken the general coordination of the promenades and of Perpetua chorea, the final dances.

These promenades were programmed in three different dates and due to the capacity limits, 25 people from the public were accepted, so we decided to do them in triplicate, then 75 people could attend each event. The aim is to guide the public musically in a wonderful trance of images and sensations.

Links from the museum:

FIRST PROMENADE: El arriba y el abajo (up and down)

Saturday, December 21st 2019. Night.

From the painting The Assumption of the Virgin, by Johann Koerbecke, with its many incarnated, disincarnated and a tombstone, give rise to this journey in which the chorus’ voices will guide us in a trance of connection with our essence.


SECOND PROMENADE: El tesoro de lo esencial (The Treasure of the Essence)

Sunday, January 26th 2020. Morning.

Around the painting Group Portrait of Sir Elijah and Lady Impey a whole discussion is generated about the places dominated and plundered by the European powers throughout the last millennium. A quartet of saxophones will represent the colonial men while a percussionist, a dancer from Costa Rica and an indigenous leader from El Salvador represent the root that is intended to be uprooted. This ritual will take us into a trance of awareness of ownership, respect and, above all, identity.



Additional video about Estela Patriz and life of indigenous people in El Salvador, as a part of the project:

THIRD PROMENADE: El movimiento, mejor compartido (Movement, Better Shared)

Friday, February 21st 2020. Evening.

Starting from the work Four Piece Orchestra, we reflect on migrations to a different country in search of a better life. From the countries plundered and impoverished by the conquests, people go to those ‘rich’ places in the hope of finding work. We will start with a small group of instruments, to go through other realities of migration and how it is best handled when we join other expatriates to hang out. So much so that we will all end up dancing in the hall with an entire orchestra.


360º videos:


FINAL DANCE: Perpetua chorea (forever dancing)

Friday, February 21st 2020. Night.

Plectrum orchestra Ciudad de La Mancha premieres my Danzas migrantes, piece that summarizes all the work made in ‘Perpetuum Mobile’ and ‘Cuadros sónicos’ (the App). They also play a new version of Tres Pequeñas Piezas (Three Little Pieces) in a new version and other dances from several times and countries. This act is the closing of ‘Perpetuum Mobile’ and ‘Cuadros sónicos’.


360º video from the first half of the concert:


· Doce Notas, 2020’IV’02: El viaje, mejor compartido

· Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza, 2019’XI: Recorridos musicales: Perpetuum mobile

· Doce Notas, 2019’XII’4: Recorrido musical en el Museo Thyssen con El arriba y el abajo de Sonia Megías

· Fundación BBVA, 2019’XII’20: El Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza y la Fundación BBVA lanzan un ciclo de recorridos musicales, una nueva forma de explorar los cuadros del museo

· Scherzo, 2019’XII’20: El Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza y la Fundación BBVA lanzan un ciclo de recorridos musicales

· El Cultural, 2019’XII’20: Perpetuum mobile, partitura para el Thyssen

· La Tribuna de Albacete, 2020’I’5: Sonia Megías pone música a los cuadros del Thyssen

· La Tribuna de Ciudad Real, 2020’II’8: Una artista polifacética con unas fuertes raíces (final del artículo)

· ABC, 2020’II’21: Thyssen llena sus salas con música para hacer reflexionar sobre la migración

· Europa Press, 2020’II’21:

· La Vanguardia de Madrid, 2020’II’21: El Museo Thyssen llena sus salas de música para hacer reflexionar al visitante sobre migración