Subtitle:cat voices
Series:CorAnimales · osm45
Commissioned by:Pauline Horovitz for her shortfilm 'Des chats et des hommes'
Dedicated to:Coro de Voces Bravas (Madrid), performers at the premiere
Instrumentation:mixed chorus SATB
Duration:4 min.
Written in:Washington, 2006'XI

Audio: 2009’I recording studio at Casa de Velázquez (Academy of France in Madrid), by chorus VocesBravasLab under Sonia Megías’ conduction, and Francesco Filidei and Noriko Baba as sound engineers.

The shortfilm by Pauline Horovitz which the piece was created for, on handicapped cats at Rome’s forums:

Some other Mmngieaaou performances:

Madrid, 2014, CoroDelantal:


Madrid, 2011, chorus VocesBravasLab:


Alcalá de Henares, 2010, chorus VocesBravasLab:

Some pages from the score: