Grafía Cantada (video-score)osm86#4

Title:Grafía Cantada
Series:Espirales y laberintos · osm86
Dedicated to:CoroDelantal (Madrid)
Text by:Pepe Gimeno
Duration:9:30 min.
Written in:Madrid y Godella, octubre de 2016


Grafía cantada is a video-score co-created by Pepe Gimeno and Sonia Megías, based on the book Grafía callada by the Valencian designer. It is a big innovation in terms of sheet music creation, and also in terms of graphic design, for which it won the Gold Award in the category of Motion Graphics by the Association of Designers of the Valencian Community (ADCV).

The work, animated by Marta J. Lamsfus and post-produced by Ricardo Cañizares, goes from graphic to sound thanks to its own musical notation, which is performed by the CoroDelantal, directed by Sonia Megías. This chorus premiered Grafía cantada at the El Castell de Ribarroja Contemporary Art Space in September 2017, together with the students of the Ribarroja Conservatory of Music and the Polytechnic University of Valencia.

The originality of this video-score, for chorus in three voices, lies in using the spiral collage of Pepe Gimeno as a musical notation. We analyze in color, texture and function these objects “washed by the sea”, and give them a new life in sound through the choral voices. The fusion between the finesse of graphic work together with the experimental nature of vocal sounds generates a most groundbreaking and avant-garde work.

To perform Grafía cantada, you must divide the performers group in 3 and follow these instructions (Spanish):



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Some pictures in the process: