Chorong Aghui (choreographic karaoke)

Dedicated to:CoroDelantal and Isis Gayo

Absolut premiere: Seoul (Korea), with music and instructions in paper.

Relevant performances:

Premiere in Spain (with video):

MADRID: CoroDelantal en Planeta Agua

Chorong Aghui is a choreographic karaoke that lasts 22 minutes. It’s been created by Sonia Megias as a commission from Korean artist Inmi Lee. The piece is from 2012, bus the video has been made in 2017 inspired by CoroDelantal and paintings series Planeta Agua from Spanish artist Isis Gayo.

Chorong Aghui is the Korean name for the lighting-fish that lives in oceanic abysses.

Music you can hear is composed for ukulele, melodyhorn, water and breathings.

If you’re interested in performing the piece, you must follow these instructions (in Spanish):

Sections with a rectangle border around the symbols must be sung with whatever note of the two that the ukulele is playing in each moment.