333 (video-score)

333 is a commission from professor Elena Solanes for her project PekeCámara, which she developes at the Professional Conservatory of Music ‘José Iturbi’ (Valencia, Spain). The piece is published in Piles (Valencia) and also in EdicionesDelantal.

It’s dedicated to Roberto Villalba, who lives in Corrientes (North of Argentina), heart surgeon and shaman.

Even if it’s a video-score, the piece contains a studio score in paper, to help learning it. During the performance, the paper won’t be necessary, but every musicial will need to have an individual tablet or iPad synchronized with the big screen that the audience watches at.



Training video-score, in half speed:

Rehearsal. Working weekend with Elena Solanes’ students at a Camp House in Alborache (Valencia). June 4th 2023:

The premiere occured at the SGAE Headquarters in Valencia, on October 30th 2023, by the same trio.

Later, on November 6th, there was a performance at the Contemporary Music Festival of Rafelbuñol (Valencia):