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MADRID: Jury at SGAE-CNDM young composers awards

2020 November 23 / 19:30


2020 November 23


Last October I was on the jury of the SGAE-CNDM Young Composers Award. From the 49 submitted works, we chose four of them anonymously. Great joy to see that there were two women and two men, total parity.

The concert will take place on Monday, November 23rd with the four winning works:

Disintegrated Strata by Llum Martín (Quart de Poblet, 2000)
Deconstrucción de un referente of María del Pilar Miralles (Almería, 1997)
La forma de las estrellas by Alejandro Cano (Fuengirola, 1992)
Ad Petendam Pluviam by Juan Delgado (Salamanca, 1985)

The ensemble that will premiere these four pieces is the Chamber Orchestra from Zaragoza’s Auditorium (OCAZ-Enigma), under the conduction of Asier Puga.

After the concert, the jury will give the verdict of the different awards.


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