Subtitle:version with piano
Dedicated to:ensemble Kuraia, performers at the premiere
Original author:Video by Paola Boioli (Milano, 2003)
Instrumentation:video + flute + clarinet + violin + violoncello + piano
Duration:17 min.
Written in:Caldearenas (Huesca), 2016'VIII
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Video of the premiere:

Hand program

Sonia Megías
Madrid, 2016’VII

Fusion among image and music was made at the music creation workshops of the Festival Internazionale di Cinema Muto Musicato dal Vivo “Strade del Cinema”, in Aosta (Italy) in June 2004, and was premiered in that festival, by the month of August of that same year.

Notes on the images (Paola Boioli, film maker):

Structure is made in a triptic (at the same time as diptic inner/outer), organized by the triad:
– yellow-green / sunrise / spins-bodies;
– red / sunset / blood-fire;
– blue / night / snow-water.

It is necessary to give up the autonomy of every image, in a system of combinations and results. In a day that is like fire (light, clouds, flamboyant objects, blood), three water tortures consume it in the privacy of the bathroom (1-deformation, 2-rub, 3-drown).

There’s no symbols.

Notes to the music (Sonia Megías):

The original version, premiered in Aosta (Italy) in 2004 and rerun at the Auditorium 400 of the National Contemporary Art Museum ‘Reina Sofía’ of Madrid (Spain), was for flute, clarinet, violin, violoncello and guitar. This new version, reviewed and dedicated to Ensemble Kuraia, changes guitar for piano.

I translated Paola Boioli’s three colors to these three sound textures:
– Serial puntillist (yellow-green section),
– Moving cluster (red section) and
– Crunchy tember (blue section).

Apart from that, I wrote some bridges when the outside images appear, using piano arpeggios as a walk by the countryside.

Music in Mal(in)con(i)ci only aims to emphasize the emotions that images want to create in the audience.