Catalogue number:osm82
Request of:NYU contemporary music ensemble
Dedicated to:Inma Heredia
Instrumentation:flute + clarinet + violin + viola + cello + double bass + 3 percusionists + piano
Duration:5 min.
Composed in:New York, 2012’II

Marzo 19th 2012 at the NYU Frederick Loewe Theater, performed by the “NYU Contemporary Music Ensemble”, conducted by Jonathan Haas:
Anne Marie Dearth, flute
Samuel Marques, clarinet
Patti Kilroy, violin
Yu Chieh Lee, viola
Roxanne Hung, cello
Pat Swoboda, double bass
Matt Lau, percussion 1
Jeremy Lowe, percussion 2
Shaun Gallant, percussion 3
Jeff Lankov, piano

Eva Guillamón, actress
Sonia Megías & Esther Montoro, cameras
Thessia Machado, video edition
Sonia Megías, creation

Relevant performances:

as a video:  2012’IV’11 @ “Sonia Megias: II MONO+GRAPHIC”, Experimental Intermedia Foundation, New York

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